TimeFlip, a just released time tracking tool, has immediately attracted attention with its ease of use and excellent features. This unique device not only allows users to track time, but also ensures effortless and fun switch between tasks complemented with productivity analysis.
TimeFlip boasts of an elegant design and powerful software. At present, it is available in three different shapes with six, eight, and twelve sides and different colors. Its open source design allows users to 3D print their TimeFlip at a discounted price of $19.99 only, with free shipping.
Some of the most important features of TimeFlip include integrated time management services, open SDK for custom applications, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and one year battery life.
To find out more about  TimeFlip, please visit http://gettimeflip.com/
Created for people that value time, TimeFlip is a revolutionary time management gadget with an elegant design and a robust software that offers a wide a variety of integrated time management services to identify timeĀ­eaters and boost productivity.