Romance is in our nature… Trained Jeweler Jacob Cohen migrated to the United States from Havana, Cuba, decades ago to build a better life. On that very same plane was a young girl of twelve, Ana, whose family was also fleeing Cuba. They met later in life and discovered that they left Cuba on the same plane. They married in 1969 and Jacob started his own jewelry manufacturing company.
Jacob’s son, Bryan Cohen, shares his father’s proclivity for art and design. Experienced in marketing and advertising, Bryan offered new business perspectives and creative in¬sight to that of his traditional thinking parents, helping to create Timeless Designs. Jacob’s daughter, Jackie, later joined to further expand the Timeless Designs brand.
Together they share the same passion for precision, craftsmanship, style, and customer service. For jewelry as unique as the love it represents, choose Jacob & Bryan to make every moment Timeless…