Our scope is to provide at the right time the relevant information, necessary for the correct decision.

Astailor Shine develops and delivers integrated software solutions dedicated for the production and business processes in textile, leather, garments and knitwear industry. For the manufacturing efficiency control the benchmark standard allowed minutes are included in the systems delivered.

As JobRouter® distribution partner we provide automation solutions for the business processes, in any domain, based on the JobRouter® workflow management system.

For the investors in renewable energy we offer consulting services in developing photovoltaic projects together with the management services for the operation of the installed capacities.

Vision      A world with fair concern to the resources.

History           Astailor Shine continue the development and the extension of the DataS and SSD (Standard Sewing Data) software solutions, being used
                      worldwide by thousands of manufacturers in the textile industry.
              The workflow management system based business process automation is a natural extension of the core activity.
               From 2013 through consulting and services provided Astailor Shine contribute to the construction and operation of photovoltaic power

Operations      Textile industry experience
                  Member in the limited group of those with expertise and with standard execution time database, required characteristics for the correct
                          working methods definition.
                  Regional leader in software solutions dedicated to the production management of garments and knitwear industry.
                 The types of systems developed: SFC, MES, ERP.
                     The solutions implementing process include manufacturing management consulting, software customization, user training,
                          maintenance and on-line support.

                  Workflow management
                  Business processes analysis are part of the implementation process of the Astailor Shine software solutions, starting from the
                  JobRouter┬« is the flexible workflow management system used to support the automation of both document-and data-oriented

                         Renewable energy
                         Provider of consulting and management services for: development of photovoltaic projects through SPV, projects trading, feasibility,
                         design, licensing, construction and operation of power plants.

Quality             Quality Management System implemented in accordance with EN ISO 9001 and certified by Lloyd 's Register Quality Assurance.