Tim Nealon is a photographer in Savannah Georgia. His areas of expertise include commercial and travel photography along with Wedding Photography in Savannah Georgia.

Tim Nealon owns a company named after himself, Tim Nealon. Through this company he maintains client relationships with companies and organizations throughout the Savannah region. In addition, Tim Nealon's photography clients come from all over Georgia and South Carolina.

Tim Nealon is also a wedding photographer in Savannah Georgia. Tim has photographed over 200 weddings in his career as a photographer. Brides and Grooms coming to Savannah to get married regularly hire Tim Nealon to photograph their wedding.

Tim Nealon has a unique style of photography that has been described as vibrant and bold. He uses a technique known as HDR, or HIgh Dynamic Range Photography to create many of his photographs of Savannah, especially photographs for the tourism industry.

Most of Tim's commercial works also centers around photographing Savannah. Whether it is buildings, landscapes or the people of Savannah, Savannah is regularly featured on Tim Nealon's website and blog.