Providing Objectivity, Insight, and Answers to small businesses and organizations to make the most of their operations and marketing in the 21st century.

Current Clients: Central Area Motivation Program, Orb Optronix, The Center For Serious Play at University of Washington Bothell, Pensione Nichols Bed & Breakfast

Embedded Consulting and Small Effective Engagements

When times are tough, businesses need to get *efficient*. My consulting approach creates Operational Excellence and uncovers hidden dollars that are locked up in out-of-date business practices and failed communication in an organization. These savings are found when I conduct Business and Process Analysis to deliver my three promises: Objectivity, Insight and Answers.

Imagine a business environment where honesty and integrity are given a new voice. The business improves, morale improves and the bottom line improves. This is the core of my consultancy.

Operational Excellence Coaching
Executive Communication Coaching
Project Leadership and Guidance
Board Presentations
Process Analysis and Documentation
Cross-Functional Organizational Analysis and Documentation
Development of Training Programs based on existing Organizational Processes
Myers-Briggs Personality Assessments (MBTI) – Qualified through The Association for Psychological Type
Interpersonal Communications Training
Human Resources: Selecting Candidates, Interviewing and Hiring
Human Resources: Policy Development
Change Management Coaching and Facilitation
Draft Correspondence and Copywriting
Situation Summaries and White Papers
Connections to other qualified professionals in many fields

Project Management
Large and Small Group Presentation and Facilitation
Outstanding Verbal and Written Communication Skills
Troubleshooting and Problem solving
Follow-through and Follow-up

I have spent my professional life in internet, technology, creative marketing and gaming. In terms of career, my experience in these fields has led me to provide creative, non-traditional problem solving and organizational development for young, dynamic and developing companies.

Life Coaching available by request.

Current Clients:
Central Area Motivation Program (non-profit community action agency responsible for Federal Energy Assistance in the Seattle City Limits, Food Bank, Relicensing and Youth Build programs)
Orb Optronix (High Brightness LED Engineering Services, Measurement Services Laboratory, Measurement Products)
The Center For Serious Play at University of Washington Bothell (A study center dedicated to educating about the game industry, interactive media, entrepreneurship, and the impact of games and interactive media on contemporary culture.)

Past Clients:
Monkey Syndicate Industrial Design
Ezell's Famous Chicken (yes, Oprah's favorite)
Yuen Lui Photography
Wizards of the Coast
Hidden City Games
Off The Grid
Green River Community College
The Interurban Center for the Arts