Just like Theseus, the powerful Athens king in the Greek myth, naming our company after Theseus Technology Limited,is due to the enthusiasm of our professionals on renovation of laptop computer battery pack. With our own professional know-how, technical capability and earnest ambition, a composite plant and an incorporate was well established at Shen Chun in 2000. we do hope that we shall, like Theseus, the ancient Athens King, rise up our flag as we operate a powerful army appearing in the industry that upset the status quo.

As mentioned above, all key members of .Theseus Technology Limited, originating from professional laptop computer battery pack manufacturing plant, possess more than fifteen (15) years of working experience on this specific industrial circles. We do not declare that we are the best, for the so-called the best is always being broken through. However, we would designate us as a very professional and rich-experienced working team. Therefore, our professional working team may be able to meet and satisfy all your requirements for a qualified laptop computer battery pack.

In addition, our professional working team also provides a complete set of technical back-up of which their working function can enable to rapidly solve all problems our clients confronted with. Thus, we shall not irrationally boast that our products are of no problem at all. But, we would humbly say that we shall render a most effective way to solve the problem once it occurs. So, when you choose our company as your cooperative partner, you have already added a free but professional service team!!!



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