We’ve seen, heard and done a lot in our day.

Experience bears many gifts. It reveals needs and challenges overcome. It uncovers shared interests and concerns. It provides the context in which we operate and interact.

And, experience, when coupled with the desire to continuously improve, can inspire people to try new ways of doing things.

That’s what experience has done to us.

As former digital executives at one of the leading, global consulting firms, and through their experiences in dealing with clients big and small, our experts have solved complicated business problems through digital strategy for years.

But, time and time again, clients of all sizes and from a wide range of industries posed the same questions and concerns, such as:

•     Why they’re being charged premium pricing for commodity services such as basic development? Should that cost as much as strategy creation?

•     Being a “full service” shop offering a wide range of services – from strategy to implementation – we want to work with firms that specialize in services vs. claiming to be experts at them all.

•     Dismay at the endless and awkward sales cycle that takes place when digital “partners” are always looking to sell and bill for the ‘next phase’ of the solution.

•     Need for adaptive and dynamic solutions vs rigid and static ones; want solutions that grow with an organization instead of holding it back.

•     When and how to begin sharing their new solution with users to promote adoption – is this something that should begin with deployment?

•     How to get internal teams engaged to ensure organizational fluidity, solution acceptance and usage of the product?

And, often, finding a feasible answer that addressed the needs of the client and adhered to the offerings and approach of their former employers, proved difficult.

That’s how Tinman Strategy was born.