TiXiT (www.tixitbox.com) is a Columbus, OH startup that offers event promoters a new, cost-effective way to sell seats that would otherwise go unsold.  We provide an intelligent marketing and discounting system that proactively promotes “last minute deals” to our rapidly growing network of registered partners and fans using immediate vehicles like email, texts and social media communications.  There is no additional cost to the fan, and our arrangement with venues involves no upfront payment or risk.

Over 50 million tickets to sports and theater events go unsold every year in the U.S. alone.  These unsold tickets represent over $1.5B in unrealized profit to the event organizers who can’t sell them.  Those seats represent a pure profit opportunity for the venues. TiXiT helps capture this profit.

Through our partner program, TiXiT can market to hundreds of thousands of additional fans. Those fans receive ticket offers, redeem the discount codes (set up in conjunction with the promoter's standard ticketing outlet like Ticketmaster) and attend the events – thereby increasing event revenue not only from ticket sales, but also concessions and parking.

TiXiT operates in the primary ticketing market, focused exclusively on dynamically discounting unsold tickets close to event time.  We are not involved in the secondary market of online brokers, fan ticket exchanges or scalpers nor do we take on ticket inventory – we simply help event organizers expand their marketing universe efficiently and cost-effectively.