RealWork™ represents an entirely new approach to software, one based on providing the simplest fit and functions combined with ease of use, for RealWork™ customers to grow their business. We want to end the days of 18 month installs, 14 versions of the same spreadsheet, emails on top of emails, errors based on human inputs, and the other range of daily issues that conspire to make a business less effective.

TiZE’s original software was created in 2010 as an organic response to the frustrations of inputting data, project prioritization, lab work tracking, missed opportunities and communication between various departments. Companies use RealWork™ to move their entire lab work request process to the web, speed up project approvals, target real-time prospects, reduce input errors and wasted communication, and generate detailed analyses of lab. RealWork™ by TiZE allows them to fully customize their workflow management – in fact it was built by a specialty chemical company for just that reason. And it’s easy to use, with a simple interface that is fully functional on all mobile devices.

At TiZE, we are passionate about solving real operational issues and enable real work. Our mission is to reinvent the drab and archaic world of ERP systems by building modern, usable business software.