I love shopping, it's fun, it has something to do, and is usually happy, two my favourite stores are TJ Maxx and Marshall because they have great finds at unbelievable discount prices! How do they do?! Buyers travel the world throughout the year (40 weeks!) To find the best price performance of 50% less than department stores. The great thing about them is that they always get in new things  11 000 new items a week, really! So always go, you look at all the new stuff.

Both are in full fall mode at the moment! They have everything you need to be prepared for the cold ... jackets, pants, sweaters, pants, dresses, hats, gloves, scarves .... Some girls go crazy portfolios. Or shoes. Me? Oh I'm a girl scarf and do not forget the cute shoes and boots! You can also find scholarships and decorative items. And even things for their children. I love finding toys or books for Ryan there.

They sent me $ 100 gift card to reuse, TJ Maxx and Marshall ... OMG, shopping for someone else's dime?! Heaven. I went to Marshall because it's closer to my house. I can spend hours there! Too bad that Ryan did not feel the same way

I checked the area baby, but could not see anything for Ryan. But I found a lot to me! I tried a $ 320 dress .... It was marked $ 60 I love deals like that! Unfortunately, it did not fit snugly, so I do not understand

But I had a pair of pink dress, I'm actually wearing right now, super comfortable. And black and gray striped sweater dress hat neck, which I like to wear leggings and boots. My favorite kinds of fall / winter clothes!