T. Kay Houston grew up in Southern California. She lived in Bell Gardens when she was a child where she learned how to read before she went to kindergarten. She liked to read and found herself reading everything from street signs to Dr. Suess books. As she grew older she found herself interested in various Genres. She read and loved books like Love Come Softly and Little House on the Prairie. In school she found books like Lassie Come Home and The Cross and the Switchblade. She later found fantasy books such as the Dragon Lance series that she grew to love. She later found Dean Koontz books and meandered into Stephen King's books and gobbled up the text as quickly as she could.

When she was in high school she took a creative writing class where she discovered that she had a love for story telling. Once she got started her stories began to grow. She remembers her first writing assignment where she had to write about where she would rather be than in class. She got lost in her story and was finished in no time. She often wrote in her journals and had no problem filling the pages. She continued to write for her own entertainment as well. She Dabbled in poetry and wrote a few poems over time. Then she found herself telling her story in a book. Her first book. Her first story was a difficult one to tell because it was based on true events in her life that were difficult to talk about at the time, but the story had to be told to make way for her future books.

She found inspiration to write her first book "Raylynn's Dark Secret" after beginning in counseling and going over her own timeline when she was directed toward a writing program called NaNoWriMo. This program required the participants to write 50,000 words to be included as a winner. She won and went on to finish her Novel and Raylynn's Dark Secret made its debut in April 2013. She plans to continue writing her stories in the future and sees her future as being open to new discoveries.