TLSA helps companies improve business and operational efficiency because its training solutions are rooted in a genuine understanding of today’s ‘real world’ business environment.

Our training programmes are delivered by Consultants who are experts in their field and who, thanks to their experience at the forefront of leadership, general management and sales environments, really ‘walk the walk’.

And, because we believe that no company should ever consider training without asking who should be delivering that training, we make sure that every individual client is matched to the right Consultant.

What we do: Our Promise and our Quality Guarantee

Our expertise and experience – combined with our innovative approach and ground-breaking products – mean that TLSA does much more than just training; we solve business problems by working with every client to achieve their individual goals.

And, because we understand the commercial imperatives that drive every business, we know the importance of delivering measurable results.

TLSA is a company that does things differently in order to improve the results and service we offer our clients. We were one of the first companies to genuinely integrate psychometric testing and profiling into our training methodologies. We also offer:

   * specially-created training methodology and business simulations which can be customised to provide a bespoke solution for every client
   * unique training resources which teach businesses to train themselves

Our formidable reputation for accountability is rooted in the fact that we validate everything we do through accreditation, field visits and coaching packs. And our unrivalled range of management training and sales training services and products helps clients

   * deliver business objectives with measurable results
   * get the best out of their people
   * increase sales generation and sales revenue
   * develop communication skills and motivation skills
   * improve business performance
   * enhance negotiating skills
   * stimulate momentum
   * improve customer service
   * manage changing objectives
   * foster change

As part of an ongoing policy commitment of continual improvement through our valued employees and associates, our Quality Management System (awarded the BS EN ISO 90001:2000 accreditation) guarantees an outstanding level of product and services geared towards exceeding the needs and expectations of all our clients.

   * TLSA Quality Policy Statement
   * ISO9001:2000 Certificate

How we do it: Our techniques

TLSA offers a wide range of consultancy, training and coaching solutions in the areas of:

   * Leadership Training
   * Sales Management Training
   * Sales Training

Our techniques include:

   * Leadership and Management Performance Analyses
   * Team and group coaching
   * Individual one-to-one mentoring
   * Profiling through psychometric testing
   * 360 degree feedback
   * In-house tailored programmes
   * Customised business simulations
   * CD-Rom and DVD Training Programmes for in-house delivery