Our History

Theatre Language Studio Frankfurt is an English-language production company and theatre school in Frankfurt am Main. Since 2009, TLS Frankfurt has been fortunate to host well-attended English theatre shows in large and small venues around Frankfurt, to great audience acclaim. In February 2015, the doors were opened to a permanent space in Bornheim, Petterweilstrasse 66.

Through the context of theatre, TLS attempts to teach and understand the universal human stories that drive all of us as citizens of the world.
Our Name

We believe that theatre itself is its own language that transcends culture. In the multicultural expat city of Frankfurt, this is a useful tool that brings people from all different countries together in a unique way. Our name was directly influenced by the work of Augusto Boal, a theatre director and activist for human rights in his quote, ‘All human beings are Actors. The theatrical language is the most essential human language.’
Our Mission

The Theatre Language Studio Frankfurt aspires to creatively meld together art and learning by producing high-quality English language theatre productions that echo universal truths and make a contribution to community, alongside a theatre language school where barriers to context are broken down and bridges of communication are built.
Our Methods

Using theatre itself as a language to create high-quality affordable theatre productions, be it classic works, newly created pieces, improvisation, or other forms of performance art.

Using the Theatre Language Studio’s Theatre as Language method of pedagogy in the English language to train students of all ages and backgrounds so that they are able to communicate more widely on the global stage.

Creating an interdependent community of artists who are mutually concerned with promoting the benefits of a pluralistic society and creating a place for minority voices.