Founded in 2010, TMJ Hope is a soon-to-be independent nonprofit 501c3 organization that serves people affected by TMJ (temporomandibular, or jaw) disorders.

Our Mission

TMJ Hope provides support, information, advocacy, and awareness for people affected by TMJ disorder.

What We Do

We serve people with TMJ disorder, their family members and caregivers, the public, healthcare providers, policymakers, and the media through our:
Blog - http://www.tmjhope.org – for the latest news & information about TMJ disorder

TMJ Tips Newsletter – http://tmjhope.org/tmj-tips/  monthly email newsletter giving actionable tips to help you feel better

Community – a supportive, welcoming group that shares their journeys through TMJ disorder, along with expert interviews and action worksheets to help improve your life today.

Guides, workbooks, group coaching calls, webinars, etc covering specific issues in TMJD, like surgery, splint therapy, nutrition, and other related topics.

Social Media – on Facebook and Twitter, we answer questions and support TMJ disorder patients & their loved ones.