The Tennessee Kidney Foundation's (TKF) mission is to improve the health and well being of Tennesseans affected by kidney disease, through education, prevention, treatment, advocacy, and promotion of organ donation. TKF's vision is to help ensure Tennesseans affected by kidney disease have the best quality of life possible.  

TKF's provides a range of programs and services to individuals with kidney disease, their families and the community at-large through education, prevention programming, screenings, direct financial assistance for transportation to and from dialysis, emergency support for utility and other bills, and help with supplements. Each year we help thousands of patients and their families as well as reach thousands of people who are at-risk for kidney disease.

KARE (Kidney Awareness Risk Evaluation) is TKF's free health screening program that seeks to identify individuals at increased risk for kidney disease and encourage them to seek further evaluation and follow up with their physicians. KARE screenings are provided at community fairs, businesses, conventions, conferences and more. KARE screenings can be scheduled by calling (615) 383-3887 with at least two weeks' notice.

HIKE (Health Initiative Kidney Education) is TKF's education program for 7th graders in Cheatham, Davidson, Robertson, Rutherford, and Sumner Counties. The goal of the HIKE program is to educate students about their kidneys, what causes kidney disease, including high blood pressure and diabetes, treatment, organ donation and how healthy lifestyle choices can decrease their risk for kidney disease. HIKE education programming can be scheduled by contacting the TKF office at (615) 383-3887.