The TN Paranormal Investigations group is a Christian-based, not-for-profit organization serving middle TN and the surrounding areas in cases where poltergeist, haunting-type phenomena, or demonic presences are suspected. Our investigations are conducted at residential, business and historical locations and each and every case we attend is handled with professionalism and, most of all, privacy. Results are only disclosed to the public upon the clients’ approval of which evidence, if any, he/she feels comfortable releasing.

Our data collecting procedures include historical/topographical queries of the landmarks/properties and a detailed interview with the owners/residents. We also initiate the use of digital and 35mm film photography, video and infrared video monitoring, temperature and EMF detection, and EVP (electronic voice phenomena). In cases where cleansings are deemed necessary, TN Paranormal will refer the client to an appropriate and reputable third-party that handles the cases of cleansings. All services provided by TN Paranormal are completely free of charge.

To request an investigation with TN Paranormal, please call  615-553-2877  (please leave a message and your case will be followed up on). For email queries or for media requests, please email us at investigations@tnparanormal.com or casemanager@tnparanormal.com. One of our team members or case managers will respond in the timeliest manner possible.

Or, if you would prefer to fill out an online investigation application prior to one of our case managers calling you, you may do so HERE. Please ensure to fill our in entirety before hitting the submit the "Submit by email" button at the top to send the investigation's form data file. If you would prefer to print and mail, please send to:

TN Paranormal
P.O. Box 2015
Mount Juliet, TN 37121-2015