Indochina Guides warmly welcomes you and your dreams of sunshine, food and friendly faces in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Let us show you the sights – as well as the nooks and crannies – that will indulge your senses, open your mind and free your inhibitions!
What sets Indochina Guides apart is our flexibility. This may be our neighbourhood, but we want you to see it your way and at your pace. If you are having fun somewhere we want you to stay. If you ‘get the itch’ to see something new we want you to be able to follow that itch before it wears off.

We offer an outstanding suite of services – call it your travel sketchpad – that allow you to design your dream trip through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, or to any one of these countries in exciting detail. A tour of the beach towns in central Vietnam then a hop over to Siem Riep is to see Angkor Wat? A customised tour of all there is to see in North Vietnam? Whatever suits you suits us.

In addition to custom tours, we offer several basic travel services, including domestic and international airline tickets, hotel and resort booking, Vietnamese tourist visas, car rental, and bus and train tickets, throughout Indochina and beyond. Our services are delivered through http://www.indochinaguides.com  (our main webpage), (our online booking processing service), and our many agents and partners around the world.  

Indochina Guides confidently offers you control over the entire trip planning process. This of course means you need to know what is on offer and where  – so we support you with custom searches and a rich library of information on what to see (as well as what not to see!), who to see it with and how to see it from the right angle. Your door to this library is this website, a few electronic windows you can use to peek through at the beautiful scenery, rich culture and amazing food that is Vietnam, Indochina and the region.

Indochina Guides is proud of our reputation as an extremely reliable online tour operator and travel service. No matter what part of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, we will help you put together the trip that best suits your taste and price range. Call or email us today to find out how we can turn your travel dreams into a real itinerary.

If you are also in the travel industry and committed to excellent customer service, we would invite you to form a business alliance and join our trusted list of strategic partners. Please contact us for further information on how we can work together to benefit each other and, most importantly of course, the traveller. Please come with us http://www.indochinaguides.com