As you know, there are 365 days in a year (366 every 4th year.) Each day that passes more and more domain names are registered and sites are built for us all to enjoy.

Starting January 1st, Today's Featured Site will be selling our main page to help some of the many millions of sites gain exposure. Whether your site has been on the web for years or is just starting out, Today's Featured Site is for you.
It works like this. Each day of the year is for sale. That day, Today's Featured Site will promote the site that purchases the day.  January 1st sells for $1.00. The cost of each day following will increase by $1.00 until the year ends on December 31st with a purchase price of $365.00.

For each day purchased the buyer's site will be featured on our main page. The site owner will have the choice of either a screen capture of the site, or their sites logo. The image will be linked to a blog post written using details provided by the site owner. The post will stay linked to the main page for 24 hours. In addition to the blog post, the image used for the blog post will be pinned on our Pinterest board. We will also pin products from the site throughout the day.

We are also offering 12 Monthly Sponsorship spots at $500.00 each, one for each month.

Monthly sponsors will receive an image placed on the top of our site, a blog post, and will also have their image posted to our Pinterest board. They will also receive a board named after them where we will pin various products all month long.