We would be glad to have you as a member. This magazine was created by the Rupkey family and friends with contributions from other people as well. There are thousands of magazines available in today's society but this one is unique because it is written in "real life" terms.

The articles written here are not produced by "experts" but instead by adults and teenagers with real world experience. You will find helpful information for just about any facet in life. If there is something that we are not writing about and you would like to see featured then please email us anytime. A unique quality about our magazine is that our members are also contributers, if you would like a piece of work published, E-mail  it to us and we will publish it as soon as possible.

A note from Randy Rupkey

I would to say that this magazine is for all in the world, i hope that you read this. I would like to have everyone in the world, no matter what religion, no matter what race, no matter what ethnic group or whatever to come and join us! I would like to see people coming together an telling their stories, sharing their poems and sharing their lives with the world.  My grandmother said to me one time " If you think that you have problems, look at others and you will see that your problems are no different or just as bad as others."  We all have unique differences, grown up in different ways and lived in different enviroments, but only if we share this with others can we understand. I would love to hear from people like me, poor and uneducated. ( not having a college degree, only life experience to share). I would like everyone to have an opportunity to make their dreams come true, and not suffer the hardships of today's world. The economy is in the worst shape ever, but it can get better if WE ALL try to make a difference.

Thank You