Today's Visions is a platform that simplifies the Indies ability to support each other in social media and other business arenas.  Built based on Arizona's  theory that by itself an Indie’s voice is so quiet in the marketing world it may as well be silent; but together, Indies can unite their voices and rise above the everyday normal humdrum we call advertising and show the world the quality they offer.  

Arizona invites all independent artists, authors, bloggers and other Indie professionals to join Today’s Visions and unite their voices. The cost – as low as one tweet/post per day, (minimum of four per week) aimed at sharing the work of another Indie.  The benefits – a huge increase in exposure as the Indie Eco-Village’s  population grows and our united voice gains strength; gaining connections in many different areas of business with many different skillsets; plus the satisfaction of knowing that your voice will be joining an Indie movement whose goal is to finally be heard!