Welcome to Philly Hypnosis,
The Philadelphia area’s
Premiere Neuro-Medical Hypnosis Clinic

Specializing in the Stofka Method;
The approach to overcoming the obstacles that keep you from reaching your personal excellence.
The Stofka Method can be applied numerous areas of your life.
        Weight Loss / Management
    Offering “Power Hypno-slim”
    Stop Smoking
    Business Excellence
    Sports Performance
    Academic Performance
Todd Stofka, founder of Philly Hypnosis Centers and The Stofka Method combines
    The best of traditional hypnosis
    The science of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (NLP)
    The latest techniques designed to provide permanent change

In addition, Stofka integrates his background in Aikido, Jujitsu and a variety of competitive sports. Combining his no-nonsense executive business background with his healing sensitivity, clients are experiencing break-through success.

Sessions are personalized and tailored to your specific needs.  Philly Hypnosis provides a safe, relaxing environment.

People dedicated to self improvement and personal excellence travel to work with us from all over the world. This coaching can be accomplished either in person, groups or via personalized phone sessions

FREE Hypnotic Screening
Stofka offers free hypnotic screening. It’s fun and informative!

Mr. Stofka will give you an in-depth explanation of hypnosis and an honest evaluation of your own personal situation. If hypnosis is not right for you, he will tell you.

Take the next step to overcoming the issues that hold you back!
Call NOW and make an appointment for your hypnotic screening.