"The Tokelor", a one hour livestream, is a fundraiser for The Trevor Project featuring eight incredible Tiktokers. The event will take place on June 29th at 9pm EST and will be streamed on Cadenza.TV. It will feature the following creators:


These creators have more than 21 million combined followers on TikTok. Seven of the creators will be battling it out from the comfort of their homes to impress "The Tokelor". "The Tokelor" is actually two people: Hailee and Kendra.

The show is a one hour condensed version of "The Bachelor", but has nothing to do with finding love. Hailee and Kendra will be responsible for selecting who goes on to each round, and who gets eliminated during the "Virtual Bouquet Ceremonies" that will take place periodically throughout the event.

The event promises to have plenty of dramatic moments and massive displays of personality.

While the event will be light hearted, it is first and foremost a fundraiser for The Trevor Project. The first part of the competition is a fundraising contest between the creators. Each has their own page to collect donations and whoever comes into the competition with the biggest purse will have a significant advantage during the rest of the show.

The Tokelor hopes to raise at least $50,000 for the Trevor Project and have at least 25,000 viewers watch the live event.

Zo Asmail, Managing Director of Minionz, is producing and will host the event. Minionz is responsible for organizing The Tokelor.

Everyone who signs up via The Tokelor website will be sent a text message with a link to the show before it starts.‍