The Hickok Belt(R) Award is back!!! For a quarter of a century, from 1950-1976, the Hickok Belt(R) Award was the most coveted and respected individual award in all sports. This award captivated the worldwide sports community and was presented annually to the professional athlete of the year at an awards banquet, which became known as the "Academy Award of Sports."  There are very few awards anywhere that hold the same type of recognition and prestige as the Hickok Belt(R) Award. The award recognized the best of the best in professional sports.  Past recipients include some of the greatest athletes of all time: the most charismatic and electrifying athlete in sports history, Muhammad Ali, the legendary Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Rocky Marciano, Arnold Palmer, Willie Mays, Lee Trevino, Ben Hogan, Jim Brown, Sandy Koufax and so many more legends.  They electrified the crowds, they knew what they wanted to do, and each one of them achieved greatness. Only the very best have won the right to buckle on the cherished "Belt." It has been a clear vision of Liccione Enterprises to make the Hickok Belt(R) Award live presentation the number one sports award event it once was.  Liccione Enterprises is committed to restoring this prestigious award through the world sports community and bringing it back to the prominence it once held.  The Hickok Belt Award used to grab the world's attention once a year and Liccione Enterprises intends to have this happen again through a live annual televised presentation banquet.  The National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association (NSSA) have once again assumed their position as the selectors of this prestigious award for the future.  Each month, since 2011, their members have selected monthly winner.  They have legitimized and the monthly winners have included LeBron James, Serena Williams, Eli Manning, Jeremy Lin, Josh Hamilton and many more outstanding professional athletes.  The NSSA membership, close to 1000 worldwide has selected LeBron James as the overall winner of the Hickok Belt Award two years in a row......for 2012 and 2013....the first winner in 36 years!  The Hickok Belt(R) Award can boast of a proud legacy.  It is an established award which has guaranteed itself a place in world sports history.  It is our mission to bring back the Hickok Belt(R) Award to an annual sports award banquet. It is our greatest desire for the Hickok Belt(R) Award to return to the pinnacle it once held in the sports world. To learn more about the prestigious Hickok Belt(R) Award and its rich history, please visit www.hickokbelt.com.