Master Tony Lopez Rubin has studied various techniques such as, Reiki, Qigong, and sound therapy for over 25 years. These techniques improve health, success, and development of personal evolution. Master Lopez’s intentions are to expand his knowledge, share experiences, and give each person the proper tools for personal evolution. He devoted years to studying the energy that emanates from nature, and is determined to motivate others to honor, admire, respect and conserve our environment.

From day-to-day, Master Tony Lopez lives in peace and in constant contact with nature’s healing properties and healing through ancestral methods. In many eastern cultures, the most natural methods to cure diseases came from the universe and its natural resources. Today, people are saturated with chemicals in their environment and are in search of alternatives through holistic methods.

Through traditional methods such as, meditation, lived experiences and magical sensations, one can connect with the energy of the four cardinal points. Thanks to today’s technology, these energies can be photographed showing different shapes and colors.

Alternative healing relieves pain and stress while improving circulation, immune system, memory, blood pressure and much more. Most importantly, these techniques and methods will improve one’s quality of life.

Today, medical professionals have concluded that holistic healing is beneficial. Our bodies are pure energy and balancing this energy will prevent and heal most ailments.

When experiencing drums, healing bowls, or crystal bowls, energy vibrates your whole being in perfect rhythm.