TooferMe™ Inc. was founded off the creation of the innovative TooferOne™ leash. My first product the TooferOne™ leash is a multifunctional leash that is revolutionizing the world of pet owners. TooferOne™ is a 10-foot, nylon leash with a snap hook on each side. TooferOne™ can be used as a collar, a harness, a training collar, a splitter for multiple dogs, a doggy seatbelt, a hassle free tether, a hand-free leash, a leash for all pet sizes, and so much more. This two-strip nylon leash has loopholes, which allow for you to hold or fasten interchangeably every 6 inches. No more tangled leashes! Your pet won’t have to worry about untangling. Change the way you, or a friend, are active with pets.

The second product to our product line is the TooferJr. It is a smaller, lighter with version of the TooferOne leash. This one leash is specifically made for small dogs, toy pets, cats, and other furry animals where on the other hand it is a one size fits all leash.