Tools for Freedom offers cutting-edge information and alternative health resources to empower, enlighten, awaken, raise consciousness, spread the message of freedom and promote the truth of what is happening in the world. We have information on all things suppressed, underground and alternative, from natural health to sovereignty to conspiracy to mind control. Our mission is to shine the light of truth on the darkness of fear, deception and coercion that plagues our modern society. By offering information, resources and conscious solutions wherever possible, we hope to raise awareness, to correct distorted perceptions, to provoke critical thinking, to awaken people from their slumber and to stimulate the innate desire of humanity for truth and freedom. We aim to leave no stone unturned in our endeavor to reveal the complete truth of what is happening on Earth and beyond. We firmly believe that it is only by confronting the darkness head on, and shaking off apathy and denial, that we can transform and transcend it. Ultimately, our purpose is to remind humanity of the greatest truth of all: that every person is a divine and infinite being with the power to choose and experience whatever reality they wish to create.