Welcome to Tools n’ Rules.com ! As a Licensed Brick & Stone Mason for 25 years - I have come to realize that the tools of the Bricklaying Industry needed a more ‘user friendly' appeal. Founded in 2011, in Brantford Ontario, Canada, our Company is dedicated to problem solving the tool frustrations of the Bricklaying Trade – one tool at a time. My goal is to work towards simplifying and re-designing a tool - so it becomes a no-brainer, highly functional and easier to use.

From turning years of my own personal frustration into - thinking outside the box - I arrived at the Gaines Maxi Brick Rule which has been welcomed by bricklayers from all over Ontario. Least to say, I have been humbled by the positive feedback received from other Bricklayers – I never imagined the impact it would have. – “It’s so rewarding to think - I’ve made someone’s job - a little easier!” Keep watching for upcoming specialized bricklaying tools … that I keep stored ‘under my belt. '