Wednesday, 30th of July: Delhi: Tooth and Travel has long been a trusted name for dental tourists visiting India. However, till now, it was not easy for the patients sitting abroad to get their complete tour, treatment and its itinerary planned or scheduled as soon as they required such service. A lot of calls were exchanged and numerous things required to be settled before a patient from western part of the world could actually visit India for best dental care. Further, there seems no way that could end such delays.

But, recently, Tooth and Travel came up with a full service new online dental tourism portal. The portal www.toothandtravel.com is designed to facilitate people throughout the world to gain access to services offered by Tooth and Travel. Through Tooth and Travel, treatment is provided by different clinics depending on the requirement of the client; it does not promote any particular clinic.

Over this website, patient can not only know about the benefits of the tour and its itinerary but can also know in detail what benefits they would enjoy. A patient from California might not have heard a lot about medicinal therapies of Ayurveda and Spa and could be apprehensive about including the same in his/her itinerary for dental tour; but with detailed description about the processes at www.toothandtravel.com,  he/she can include such services thereby improving his/her overall experience.

Further, a complete itinerary along with details of travel and clinic days; at Tooth and Travel are mentioned over the website. Over the web pages, you will find relevant information regarding what all you need to bring along with you during your dental tour. The website also mentions about various types of dental treatment that are offered through Tooth and Travel. People who want to get their plans customized can freely write about their choices through the online forms over the website and the same could be discussed further and implemented.

The website www.toothandtravel.com is based on dental tourism and is rich in user centric content. At tooth and travel empanelled clinics are checked for their quality if treatment, hygiene, experience of doctors, staff, assistant as well as infrastructure of the clinic or hospital.  It is easy to navigate throughout the website and all important information, including contact information’s are well placed and structured. In a country which is popular for dental tourism, Tooth and Travel boasts to be highly organized conglomerate of congruent services which is required to impart perfect experience of dental tourism to clients. For more information please visit www.toothandtravel.com.