Welcome to the Pond Hub!  Where it is our goal to be your source of information for "How-To" build, maintain and get the most enjoyment out of your water garden.  In the following pages in The Pond Hub website you can expect to find helpful pond videos, blog articles and instruction manuals that will guide you through the gauntlet of available Pond Supplies that are available in today's market.  

With all of the pond supply brands available today, how do you know what brand or pond product to choose?  If you are like most pond enthusiasts, you have either already splashed down into the pond lifestyle or you are really considering getting started in it.  No matter which category you are in, the question remains the same... how do I do this....? and who do I get my pond supplies from?

And the answer is simple.  Who you trust.  There are alot of pond supply companies, pond manufacturer's and pond products out there today, but many of them do not do their best to fully educate customers on their products.  Here at The Pond Hub we are continually adding and building our video library, producing informative blogs, product reviews, posting helpful tips on Facebook and supporting our customers through our experience and knowledge.  

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