TOPDON is a global automotive diagnostics products and tools provider. It is an emerging technology brand that focuses on Innovation, Quality, Durability, and Value. The company sells its products to more than 150 countries, listening to the needs of automotive repair shops and DIY professionals.

The company’s wide array of diagnostics tools and repair equipment include Professional Diagnostics tools such as the Phoenix Series; Key Programming tools, such as the T-Ninja 1000; Battery Tools such as the JumpSurge3000, the BT Mobile ProS, and T90000; and Service Tools such as the ArtiDiag600, ArtiDiag800, and ArtiDiag800BT.

The company believes in the principles of providing cutting-edge technology, easy-to-use intuitive interfaces, minimizing shop downtime, and maximizing profits. The company knows its customers take pride in their work; therefore, it strives to reflect these principles in its products.

TOPDON supports US military veterans with jobs, donates tools to municipalities, earns industry awards from publications such as Professional Tools and Equipment News, and partners with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

The company is proud to offer industry-leading tech support; loaner tools while you wait; and superior-priced subscription plans. If you are a dealer and would like more information, then contact sales@topdon.us.