ToppCock is a Men’s line of grooming products.  It was founded on the belief that Men deserve their own dedicated line of quality products.  Most products on the market today are simply woman’s products with a “male” fragrance.  ToppCock products are formulated from the ground up and designed exclusively for Men.

Our Story

Everyone has a story and so does ToppCock.  Ours begins with the frustration in constantly buying “men’s” grooming products and being disappointed.  Sure they smelled good in the store but when you get them home that’s it, they just smelled good.  After being disappointed time after time, it was time to do something about it.  ToppCock and the  Topp Family were born.  We first looked at what was important to men.  Products were formulated, reformulated and reformulated again until they were good enough to sport the ToppCock name.

Our Products

We are a complete line of men’s grooming products from innovative soaps, shampoo, conditioner and personal care products.  The Topp Family product line is always growing.  All of our products contain our signature Nano-Silver Technology.  Their true benefits are being All Natural Anti-Bacterial, Fungal and Viral agents.

ToppCock “Silver” our first product released last year has changed the game in personal care for men.  Known as man-parts protection “Silver” has made a huge impact in an overlooked male area.  The simple application of Shower, Dry then Apply has made it not only an effective product but also easy to use.

“All-In-One Shower Gel” and “Bar” were the next products added to the ToppCock line up.  These two products have been ingeniously engineered for absolute convenience.  They are both a Body and Hair care product in One!  No more extra bottles kicking around in the shower.  One simple solution. “All-In-One Shower Gel” and “Bar” contains Nano-Silver Technology, Tea Tree Oil and Aloe.

We also have “HydroMax” an invigorating Shampoo and Conditioner for those who demand a little extra performance.  It is specially formulated to clean and hydrate your hair and scalp enhancing shine and manageability while preventing dandruff.  It also has a Great Fragrance.  “HydroMax” contains Nano-Silver Technology, Tea Tree Oil and Aloe.

ToppCock’s complete line of products will keep you fresh and clean from head to toe and especially in between.