Our primary focus is to collaborate, co-create and contribute to designing, co-ordinating and running high level business adventures around the world, with amazing conscious business leaders and their businesses.

If you already have a programme that you would like us to work to, or need advice and assistance in creating an event, with our proven formula, we can be very flexible and are happy to accommodate whatever your specific requirements are.

The services we offer:

Event Consultation – Consulting and advising on all aspects of the event including programme, speakers, topics, locations, costs, pricing, marketing, ROI and logistics.

Event Management Services – All services related to the mastermind event, venue finding, programme management, sourcing speakers, location choices, event structure, planning and implementation, marketing, sales, on site management and post event follow through.

Business Mentoring and Management Service - This is a collaborative service where we work very closely together to design and implement the Speaker Marketing strategy and training element of your business. We only work with conscious business leaders who’s primary is to educate and be of service as well as be a profitable business.

The Top Speaker Events Adventures - High end business/natural world masterminds where we bridge the gap between the wisdom of the natural world and the production of business in the professional market. These small group adventures are hosted in incredible locations where nature and business can work together, in obtaining a new wisdom of what will make our businesses grow and prosper in the new world that is being created.

The benefits we know we can deliver on:

High quality of service of 25 years experience in the industry
True value return on investment
Delivery with integrity and honesty
Focus, hard work and success orientation
Passion, responsibility and fun
Amazing results and experience for your clients

We have collaborative partners in all areas of our services including venues, travel, video services, marketing, joint venture opportunities, speaker access, potential clients, location activities, online booking services and any other specific requirements that may be needed.