F5 Tornado Shelters has the options to make sure that everyone in every situation has a place to go for safety when you need it most. Regardless of whether you live in an apartment, mobile home, or a 3 story home, there is a shelter or safe room that can be designed for your needs. Your input and specific needs are taken into account when we custom build the tornado shelter of your choice.

If you live in an apartment and have no need for a full size shelter, we still have products that can put your mind at ease. We can design a small safe room to fit in your closet or in a small area of your apartment to keep your possessions protected from water and fire damage. Some people have more room outside of their house than they do inside; we have the perfect solution for your safety concerns as well. F5 Tornado Shelters are expert contractors and have vast experience when it comes to building free standing structures. We can work with you to help decide what size shelter would best fit your needs and where the best place for it would be. If you would feel more comfortable with something that is closer to the home, or you may have limited mobility, we can construct a safe room inside of your garage or carport. Even in the smallest of living spaces, there is always room to be safe.