TORR is a men's gift company focused on reinventing traditional gifts for men.

TORR's first lines of products include stainless steel pens, including the Blok pen and X-GEN pen.  Both pens make excellent gifts – for the holidays, groomsmen, graduates, Bar Mitzvahs, and corporate clients – and can be personalized with laser engraving of a name, date, phrase, or logo.  

The Blok pen is a stylish stainless steel pen that fits so precisely into its stainless steel jacket, the pen “pops” like a bottle of champagne when pulled quickly from its jacket, and descents slowly and effortlessly back into place.   The Blok pen sports a secret capsule which is perfect for storing secret notes or messages for long periods of time, making the pen a time capsule as well.  The pen come standard with small acid-free parchment scrolls to use for note writing and to include in the secret compartment.  The Blok pen is available in Classic (with a ruler laser engraved on the jacket) or Clean (without markings), and is also available as a gift set, with a handsome bamboo display and carry case, as well as complimentary personalized laser engraving.  

The X-GEN pen is the newest generation of stainless steel pens, infusing a new level of sophistication and utility into an already exceptional writing system and clever features of the older Blok model.  The X-GEN pen has a faceted metal jacket, modeled after a “steel diamond,” providing exceptional strength and durability, while allowing the entire writing system to be more lightweight and portable.  

TORR will be releasing another product line soon – a specially designed line of ergonomic coffee mugs for men.

Socially, TORR is committed to cheering up children in need of cheering up, and helping US veterans through the Massachusetts Fallen Heroes Memorial Fund.