Tor’s Thrifty Store was born from a desire to make your style scene a little cleaner, greener—and more fun.

Despite 20 years’ experience in fashion, I used to be ignorant of the industry’s harmful effects on the planet. But the truth is, the fashion world was built on churning out a full calendar of collections, promoting fresh must-have trends and feeding a need for newness. As I started to think about the negative impact of the industry I loved, I realized there was an opportunity to create positive change.

I had a lightbulb moment. Soon my friends and I were digging out tagged styles from the back of our closets…They became Tor’s Thrifty Store’s first offerings!

Today, Tor’s Thrifty Store is an ethically-minded resale platform that gives great clothes a second chance. Every purchase made with us instead of a mainstream retailer selling new goods brings us closer to a sustainable future.  

My goal is to offer everyone a piece of curated, preloved luxury and encourage fashion enthusiasts to set their own style agenda by investing better and buying less.

A fabulous outfit makes you look great and feel great, too. It can turn a “fine day” into a “yay! day.” Add to that feeling by thrifting your fashionable favourites guilt-free with us.

If you don’t adore something, pass it on. It will become someone else’s treasure.

Enjoy your slice of luxury pie.

Best wishes,
Tor, Founder of Tor’s Thrifty Store