The business of call center management is often complicated by the extreme workload of front-line managers. We're here to help.

We offer many different solutions for call centers, but primarily focus on our call review service. We will monitor, score and provide a call center score based on the level of customer service provided. The score is compared across a benchmark for call centers providing similar services and allows complete confidence in your performance. By utilizing a 3rd party call review team, you have a 100% guarantee that the results are a true reflection of the call center performance. In addition to the TORVIS score, we'll also provide detailed feedback to the agent on how well he/she did on the call as well as what could be done better next time. We also will provide the supervisor with skills to effectively manage the agent going forward.

A few of our other services include call center overview where we'll come to your location and provide best practices and help improve your metrics on site. We'll also work closely with your leadership team to ensure that they are adequately prepared to manage a successful call center operation. We also provide a tool used to rank your staff based on weighting 10 different aspects of their performance.

We've all been in this business - specifically health insurance call centers - for many years. We've seen everything from a near-perfect director to ones that you're afraid to say hi to. Our expertise will be noticed at all levels of your call center/customer service operations after just a few short days.