Co-Founders Mark and Neil both originate from the UK and have been lucky enough over the years to experience life in other countries and cultures.
The importance of modern culture combined with classic design is the driving force behind the brand. The realisation that not everything “shiney & new” is best, classic design has soul and is built with passion, mixing the two forms ensures a formidable relationship.
So where does “Tosh” come from, it comes from 2 places, firstly Mark’s relationship with the late great Peter Tosh (the founding member of Bob Marley and the Wailers), he’s family, and spent valuable time with him whilst growing up….....whenever they would tour Peter would always visit Mark’s mum who was Peter’s favourite cousin, ‘Peter’s philosophical rants were mesmerising’ to the receptive 13 yr old ears.
The second is from an old English phrase “a load of old tosh”, meaning something old, or “no good”.
The philosophy behind Tosh Classic is to turn something that people deem as “no good”, make it good, then make it better then make it the best it can be!
Having a real passion for classic VW bugs and buses going back nearly 20 years by both owning and restoring for friends and clients alike, Their romance with VW Beetles, Ghia’s and Campers and other marques is obvious when you see the cars they have lovingly restored.
The evolution of this brand is through nothing more than love. Our decision to extend the brand into other areas is an exciting one, with plans for a clothing range, urban sports equipment, bicycles and other merchandise ensure that they can continue to present truly desirable products to those who want to become part of the TOSH family and culture.