Total Edits & Design Offers a Variety of Services at Affordable Pricing

Total Edits & Design will do whatever it takes to get our clients to the finish with the best presentation possible whether manuscript, book, ad or document.

Need to find your writing voice?
Discover how the simple rearrangement of a sentence or paragraph can make a world of difference?
Thinking a bit of ghost writing might help?
Looking for an illustration or graphic design which brings your concept or message to life at a glance?

We're here for you!

    Editing: $18 per hour      
    Preps for Publishing Book: $28 per hour
    Photo Retouches or Graphic Design Creation: $28 per hour
    Computer Artistry Illustration or Consulting: $35 per hour

First Time Clients: With respect for that very personal connection style between who you are and what you write, you will be provided a free Full Edit (see below) for your first 200 words submitted. That first free edit, returned to you with a sample "Clean copy," allows you first-hand experience with our editing techniques. Examine our level of expertise and if pleased, then determine the editing services you prefer. (Sample edit on website.)

For those Requiring Graphics or Computer Artistry:

Graphic design or computer artistry illustration samples may be accessed on our website. Browse through to determine if Total Edits & Design has that special creative spark and visual quality which will give you confidence your audience will be captivated, and your message effectively conveyed.

Full Edit  (Any Verbiage -- typical manuscript, document, poem, prose, proposed ad copy, etc.)

     Check for spelling - grammar - punctuation
     Denote omissions or needed transition text
     Tightening of text overall
     Analysis of entire document or manuscript for presentation and content
     Suggested rewrites
     Restructuring of sentence or paragraph for clarity and/or flow
     Research quotes and references for origin authenticity; verbiage

Pricing: Full Edit (any or all services as listed above) - $18 per hour

Preps for Publishing

      Book Layout
      Photo Preparations (i.e. touch-ups, enhancements, minimal      
          restoration, resizing, etc.)
      Graphic Design (For illustration - See Computer Artistry on website)
      Cover Design
      Adobe InDesign PDF document files, print ready for publisher
      Submit/install print-ready files to Self-Publishing Company

Pricing: Full Book Edit plus any additional Service (as listed above) - $28 per hour

Design Services

      Graphic Design (logos, online or website graphics)
      Graphic Design with Text/Layout (ads, cards, flyers, brochures,
            letterhead, etc.)
      Photo or Graphic Enhancements

Pricing: Any Design Service (as listed above) - $28 per hour

Computer Artistry for Illustration

Pricing: Any Computer Artistry for Illustration - $35 per hour

Consulting for Manuscript Direction (i.e. Plot, Character, Storyboard, etc.)

     Consulting provided via telephone or email

Pricing: Consulting - $35 per hour


"Martha is incredibly talented. She is enthusiastic and skillful with each and every project, no matter the size.

"I have had complete confidence that our projects will be accomplished as that has been affirmed over and over again throughout the years. I have loved working with Total Edits & Design."

Rita Ivy, Ladies of Grace Ministries, Director

"I'm not sure how my non profit would have made it this far without the expertise of Martha Langley. She has been editor, writer, graphic developer, web and facebook designer, my logo genius, and she is a talented layout artist.

"Each time I've had to make an important document, I would pass it to Martha for her input, knowing she would in turn make it precise, easy to comprehend, and be able to do that using as few words as needed. The graphics have always been professional quality and command attention.

"I think Martha is gifted in her work, and a master of her craft. She knows how to make an individual organization or business shine."

Stephanie Toombs, Step uP Chattanooga, Director

"Whether you are a seasoned professional just needing some extra polish and shine, or a novice who needs a lot of hand holding, encouragement, and instructions, Total Edits & Design by Martha Langley is the right place at the right price.

"It is not just the special talents and skills that make the final products snap, it is that extra dose of attention and care that goes into all that her hands find to do. You may start as a business client, but I would be shocked if it does not end in a new friendship.”

Paul Spivey, Author, Blogger