Total Knowledge provides complete software development solutions to our clients.
   We have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of technologies.
   We brought up products based on MIPS, ARM, and x86 architectures.
   We are familiar with Marvell and Broadcom switching platforms.
   We have worked with Atheros WiFi chipsets.
   Our team members developed Linux kernel device drivers.
   We speak C, C++, Java, Python, and pretty much any other programming language fluently.

Our goal is to bring your project to completion on budget and on time!
We can supply you with full product life-cycle development:
   Gathering requirements
   Writing product specifications
   Designing software architecture
   Ongoing support and maintenance

Our team will be happy to jump in at any point of your development life-cycle, share our expertise and knowledge, and bring your project to completion on budget and on time.

Embedded Development Services
Our embedded software consultants have experience with development of WiFi protocol implementation, high-speed switches, micro-controller programming, and mobile development.

System & Kernel programming Services
Total Knowledge experts have developed numerous device drivers.
We have also made contributions to Linux kernel and GNU toolchain.
Our team members are familiar with Linux network stack and storage subsystems.

Client-Server Development Services
We have developed high-performance high-volume applications based around client-server model.
Examples include gathering sensor and gage information from millions of input sources into central system for processing, communication routing systems, etc.

Database Design and Development Services
Building well-defined, properly normalized, and highly optimized databases is our forte.
We have expertise with Oracle, MS SQL Server, Informix, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and other RDBMSs.
We can also build reports based on a tool of your choise.

Web Development Services
We have a team of web developers who can develop the most efficient back-end for your application, as well as excellent web designers, who will make it look beautiful.
Our developers have expertise in modern web development techniques and frameworks.

Business Intelligence
We create web based tracking tools
   Create, edit and updated projects or processes
   Assign tasks, set an approval process, determine a schedule
   Receive notifications and reminders via e-mail
   Get real time overview online and scheduled e-mail reports
Custom made according to your needs

We supply data visualization & analysis
   Static and Interactive data charts and graphs
   User/Position specific data analysis and display
   Customized home page for each user with their favorite data
Tailor made according to your requiroments

We design reports
   Stay up-to-date - Generate reports on-line with a click of a button
   Never miss a report - Auto-e-mail reports according to a schedule
   Reports designed according to your company template or needs (pdf, excel, etc.)
Designed and generated according to your preferences

Publishing just happened to us via chain of events starting with our team appreciation of OS & FS. In the end of the chain was published a book "Culture vs. Copyright." That's it, for now.