Total Odds and Ends was founded in the summer of 2011 by Lanna Smith. She has lived in Washtenaw County for most of her life and is well aware of the lack of resources for individuals and businesses when it comes to assisting.

Contrary to those that believe that there is enough time in a day to get everything done, we are here to help.

It seems crazy to pay for a service that will do your tasks for you right? Well you would then have to look at it from a busy body's point of view.

The average person works 8 hours a day and also has a home, office or children to tend to. Can you get it all done today or does the load usually carry over until tomorrow?

Individuals and business owners alike will get through each day with ease by allowing Total Odds and Ends to help with those things that help reduce stress, traffic worries, standing in lines etc.

There is a long list of services on our website from house sitting (when the cable man or plumber is scheduled to come at some awkward time frame), to light cleaning, to pet services, to grocery shopping- and everything in between. We haven't had a client yet that we were unable to help.

Our pricing is lower than any other service remotely close to ours.  We say remote because we have minimal competition in our community.

Total Odds and Ends hires the most reliable and welcoming Services Representatives to help get the job done. Each employee undergoes a series of screening and records checking prior to being hired.

With hours that range from 8a to 8p every day of the week, you are certain to get the help that you need with your day to day tasks.

Winter is right around the corner, wouldn't it be nice to not have to burn gas and worry about other drivers?
Save time and money by using Total Odds and Ends.