ToweLocs® was created by Cindy Sawyer, a mom who was repeatedly frustrated every time her hand and kitchen towels fell off the towel bar and when her kitchen towels did the same upon opening her oven door.  This was also compounded when her two young children, Keelan and Skylar, could not help themselves and leave their hand towels on the bathroom floor after each use. As you may imagine, this was an everyday event in any typical household.

So she wanted to find a way to not only secure her towels in their rightful place but to also do it with some style.  This sparked the invention of ToweLocs®.  After numerous prototypes and designs, she decided on a final product that exists today. She was inspired to market her invention when she received multiple compliments on what has now become a practical household product and how it accentuated her bath and kitchen towels.

We have the capacity to do custom designs & logos for corporate events or to add that personal touch.  We can also handle high volume sales.  

Not only is ToweLocs® functional it is also decorative.  

We hope you enjoy ToweLocs®!