Fittr is the first ever to apply cognitive neuro science in the world of computing by utilizing a GPU super-computing cluster that learns from user input.  Fittr is a subscription based online personal trainer with a free iPhone app which interprets user’s daily workout activities to help everyone reach their fitness goals.  Member benefits include: a workout concierge we call Iris, progress tracking with analytics, motivational and accountability features, and an innovative complex variant based workout program.

Iris is an interactive personal trainer that assists you every step of the way.  So, if you hurt your ankle or your workout is too easy Iris will know exactly what to do (because we taught her English).  Other fitness apps offer a list of exercises that users can choose from, but Fittr and Iris ask what your fitness goals are, your time commitment is, and equipment you have available, then generates a completely unique workout program for every user.  

Fittr creates the most effective workouts using muscle confusion and hundreds of variables which include sets, reps, and how to perform each rep.  In order to keep people motivated Fittr has a growing list of trophies users can earn and Fittr will let your Facebook friends know when you skip a workout which we think is a great social tool to keep people honest.