Your existing phone may not work in India. You land in India and your phone doesn't work on local networks. That could be because your phone is customized to your home country, or is locked to one particular cellular network. And trying to get a local SIM card in India can be a long and complicated process for a foreign national. Research shows that tourists waste a lot of their precious vacation time trying to find out what to eat, do, and see. Getting around can be tough too. Changing currency, looking for emergency facilities, or simply trying to find that one place that serves authentic vindaloo curry, can be tough!
Trabug India announces the launch of its flagship product: TrabugĀ®, a solution suite that addresses a host of long-standing travel worries: how to stay in touch while on the move, how to discover new places of interest, how to stay safe, and how to do all of the above without running up a massive phone bill.
Created and maintained by a small team of tech professionals in the North Indian town of Panchkula, a suburb of Chandigarh, TrabugĀ® provides foreign tourists with a smartphone powered by a 4G SIM card. The smartphone runs a customized version of the Android operating system, and has been specially designed to cater to the needs of first-time travellers to India.