I am a female, freelance writer, blogger, SEO and all-round whizz-kid entrepreneur, living in South America and currently stationed in Buenos Aires. Since 2009, I have hunted, sweated and focused all my energies on developing a freelance career outside of London, UK, where I am originally from.

I write newsletters for NGOs, articles and blogs for PPC Management companies, film and fashion features for Time Out, travel tips and reviews for a number of travel magazines (online and in print), use social media to market certain websites for which I work and successfully manage the life of a US executive as his personal assistant, putting my very much needed Spanish skills to good use in Argentina's capital.

I am constantly looking for likeminded women to contribute content to my growing personal blog, which acts as a resource for any freelance writing female living abroad, or for any whom may well have the urge to become one. The blog covers life, sex, fears, tips, bad experiences, food, nightlife, culture, politics, the lot! anything that happens during my time away from the UK is captured and noted in this one small space.

If you would like to contribute to this blog, gain more exposure, earn a little experience and get some support from me in your new venture along the way, write me an email at tracey@traceychandler.com and I'll be sure to get back to you.