TrackRay is free web based Task and Time management software for mobile and desktop use.

It can track project task assignments, activities, progress status, as well as record time sheet entries and evaluate the workload of team members.

It is also known as "Issue Management System", "Defect Management System", "Bug Tracking", "Timesheet Management", "Ticket System", and "Todo List".

TrackRay can be used for work collaboration within small or large teams, for both simple and complex projects. It is used by many businesses, government agencies, education and healthcare institutions, professional services offices, and teams of individuals.

TrackRay Philosophy:
1.Simple to use
- no complicated program settings, options, or volumes of confusing manuals.
2.Full mobile support
- all TrackRay functionality and features are accessible by using either mobile devices (such us cell phones and smart handheld devices) or desktop computers (e.g., PC, MAC, Linux)
- no fees, bills, trial periods, hidden charges, usage limits or obligations.
TrackRay is a Web-Based Hosted Application
You don't need to install TrackRay - it is a hosted-web-based / software-as-a-service solution that can be used from anywhere in the world where the Internet is available.
Just use your desktop or mobile browser on Windows PC, MAC, Linux, mobile cell phone, or other device.

TrackRay is like your web-based email, except it tracks projects, tasks, and time.
Seamless Integration of Task Assignment AND Time Management Capabilities
Information can be entered in the form of either task/job/bug assignments or timesheet entries, seamlessly consolidating and cross-linking all entered data.
Visit http://www.trackray.com/ for more infromation.