TraderNewsDeck desktop based software is specifically designed for retail day traders and investors– such as those that require receiving and displaying real-time news data from multiple sources, filtering data based on specific securities or markets, filtering sources for accuracy and reliability of news data.

New features in TraderNewsDeck version 2.0 include:

•     High-speed/ low latency news display: Receive news as soon as it is breaks via Twitter API integration. This allows for faster reaction time to market moving news.

•     Filter news by keywords: TraderNewsDeck allows you to filter the news by keywords, phrases, and or cash tags. Fully customizable to meet the needs of the user.

•     Filter news by specific sources: Access data from reliable news sources and ignore others.  The application supports adding up to 400 different sources to receive news from.

•     Simple to use design: Login, search, receive news, and updates all from one location. No need to slow down your computer with multiple browser windows. Runs in the background and provides an audio alert whenever a new feed gets posted to the display.

TraderNewsDeck was created to provide the average retail investor with a better and faster way to get news that could affect specific securities or financial markets. This application aims to reduce the edge that the hedge funds and large institutions have on market data and provide retail investors with the tools to make better decisions in the market.
Pricing and Availability

TraderNewsDeck version 2.0 is available today and is priced at $150 with free upgrades and $99 with no upgrade support. For more information, please visit http://tradernewsdeck.com  .

About TraderNewsDeck.com
Trader News Deck was developed for the active trader and investor. It allows the user to get news that could affect the market or individual securities. This news is delivered as it happens in real-time via Twitter API straight to the application. Traders and Investors can now react faster to market moves and make more informed trades. With Trader News Deck you receive news faster than those using traditional news channels and even squawk box live streams.
Receive accurate data, Trader News Deck allows for full customization of the news source list.
Receive only the news you want, with a keywords list you can tailor the application for specific news, whether it be stock specific or general market news.

Contact TraderNewsDeck at tradernewsdeck@gmail.com or visit http://tradernewsdeck.com