Evo Exhibits is a full-service trade show exhibit company. Our product line-up includes pop-up exhibits, inline exhibits, island exhibits, custom exhibits, table top exhibits, banner stands and more.

We are pleased to offer a complete line of green exhibits that are made from eco-friendly materials without compromising design, functionality and durability. Our rental exhibit offering is one of the most comprehensive in the industry today.

Additionally, we provide trade show services including exhibit design, exhibit installation and dismantle, trade show logistics, exhibit storage, exhibit management and trade show marketing services.

Evo Exhibits’ founders Kent Jean and Kevin Fett are both award-winning global experts within the trade show industry. Kevin and Kent have succeeded by bringing their clients (from startups to Fortune 100 companies) a wealth of information and making their trade show programs a success.

Evo Exhibits differs from our competitors in three main ways:

   Product Diversity: There is an ideal product for every trade show booth and budget. To meet the full range of needs, Evo Exhibits offers a complete collection of products from top-tier manufacturers. For your peace of mind, we have fully evaluated every product we offer across a number of criteria including durability, functionality, impact and cost-performance.

   Tailored Solutions: One size doesn’t fit all. Our breadth of in-depth product & industry knowledge allow us to provide individual solutions for your unique needs.

   Full Service: Whether you are looking to purchase a single portable exhibit or for a partner to design, manage and maintain your entire exhibit fleet across dozens of trade shows, Evo Exhibits is your full-service provider. From professional exhibit designers to skilled I & D teams to marketing experts, we have the team to make your trade show program a success.