Tradesprite is a low cost trading fee, a glit-edged, secured and efficient crypto exchange. Built in capacity of matching 180k trades per second. It provides  benefits to traders by routing them through CGC token ( Existing token issue by Crowd Genie — Building a platform on blockchain to allow the fractionalization of any asset through tokenization mechanism). First time ever a token is going to deliver dual utility access to its holders. With a capped supply of 30mn tokens Tradesprite will anchor the further demand of CGC token unleashing maximum value to its backers.The platform is embedded with deep liquidity pool mechanism to bring high liquidity for coin/token issuers who are trying to fight the battle of higher spread in trading market post their ICO. Nonetheless for coin/token issuers this would be an ideal exchange to list as Tradesprite writes off the entry barrier of high listing fee.