Our name is meant to acknowledge the importance of
both traditional as well as digital marketing strategies.

“Helping business solve the internet puzzle”

Success in business today requires smart and effective marketing that delivers measurable results. TraDigital Communications is a full service internet marketing agency that employs a distinctive Multi-Channel Marketing system for small and mid-size businesses. Our decision making support structure aids us in providing business building strategies that offer the best chance for success.
TraDigital Communications clients are equipped with strategies that are specifically tailored to their business and target market to improve their emarketing results.
Our Approach
We begin by identifying your key business objectives with analyzing the results of the current marketing strategies. Next we analyze your company’s competitive On-line ranking. Based on our findings we optimize existing sites and identify enhancement strategies or build an effective results oriented marketing website increasing and strengthen links back to your brand or products. We provide useful strategies to take traditional brands into an on- line environment. Also we explore tactics for building and maintain long-term on-line customer relationships.
TraDigital Communications provides the following portfolio of services and expertise to our clients using a Multi-Channel System;
•     Keyword search ranking: We use keyword search ranking to position your website or secondary page to attain high and stable ranking in search engines. It is primarily through establishing inbound, non-reciprocal links, and securing additional traffic that your search ranking will be positively affected. Our software draws data directly from search engines like Google to identify the precise phrases people are searching for. However, the keyword groups we determine will also affect our Paid Search Advertising and most importantly our link strategy. We target blogs, social networks and content sources that share the same keywords.

•     Paid search Advertising: Our approach to Paid Search provides the utmost competitive advantages, Our software allows us to download your competitor’s entire campaign, including  keywords, bids, ads, and landing pages in minutes. With this preparatory goal we are able to identify critical metrics; and mirror goals and business objective to improve upon and outperform all competitors.
•     Marketing websites: Based on the keyword groups identified, we design websites and integrate the keywords into the domain, titles, and content, ensuring a very search-engine-friendly design. You can choose from several template-based websites if you’re on a tight budget, or work with our team to create a fully customized, high-end web design for your business.
•     Link strategies: Search engines assign additional value to websites with inbound, non-reciprocal links. Google, in particular, assigns greater value to links from: press releases, blog posts, as well as social media and networking websites. References and links directed to your website increase your keyword search ranking.
•     Custom Content: Often overlooked in online marketing, We write with a methodical process which edits, revises, and reinvigorates your existing marketing content  for your websites, email marketing campaigns, link strategies, blogs, press releases, articles, social media pages, and so on.
•     E-mail marketing: Effective Email Marketing has authentic and valued content, married with professional delivery and direct contact from your sales staff. From signup screens and database fields to campaign templates and content, there’s little about our service that can’t be customized to suit your particular projects and process. .

•     Lead generation:  We are able to provide you with email tracking software so that you can provide both relevant and timely emails to both your returning customers and sales leads see who opens your email and who subsequently converts into a sale. With our system, we can effectively test and improve upon past email campaigns, ensuring better and better results.

•     Social media marketing and Blog management: Link strategy requires consistent attention with monitoring of blogs to select posts ideal for a response, press releases that are relevant and coordinated, as well as monitoring and maintenance of social networking locations. While this is a crucial component of our multi-channel system, Social Media is a cost effective & efficient way to target your perfect demographic.  

We also work directly with clients or provide background support to advertising and public relations agencies.
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