Is forex and binary trading for me?
You want to start trading forex or binary options, but you don’t know if it is the right thing for you? We have few tips which will help you to find out, whether you have got some potential to be a good trader. Are you calm, do you have no problems with learning new stuffs and you don‘t have a problem to suppress the urge to "end up in the best"? In case you answered on all three questions yes, you have a certain potential. But in order to become a successful trader you will have to put a lot of time in it, do you have it? Are you willing to give priority to trading over your entertainment, or even before your work? If so, let’s take you to the trading world and explain you what kind of trading you can learn with tradingbeasts.com

Binary options – basics
In case you decide to trade [url= http://tradingbeasts.com/binary-options /] binary options [/url] you can invest to over 200 underlying assets. These can consist of stocks of important companies such as FB, Microsoft or Google. Except from stocks you can also trade currency pairs, commodities (gold, oil, silver) and of course indices. The range is wide, so everyone can pick the asset he likes. I personally most of the time trade the currency pair EUR/USD and sometimes the indices Dow Jones and S&P 500. Binary options work as follows, you pick asset you want to trade, then you choose expire time (when the trade should end) and you pick the direction you think the asset will follow. If you think the price will go up you choose upwards direction, if you think it will drop you conversely choose the downward direction.

I want to try out binary trading without taking any risk – demo account
In case you are afraid to start trading with your real money you can always go for a [url= http://tradingbeasts.com/binary-options-free-demo-account/] demo account [/url]. Demo version is totally for free and it is a great think, especially for novice traders. I personally myself started trading on demo account. You can easily test there everything and do not need to be afraid of losing your money. If you want to learn more about demo accounts on Binary options, please feel free to visit our website.

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